Best Dedicated Server

Best Dedicated Server

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Having a dedicated server is a great advantage, since it will provide you with entire server just for your self. This means that you will be able to use all its resources for your web sites, without worrying about any limitations like on a shared hosting. To build your own dedicated hosting server can be very expensive, and requires great technical skills. The alternative to that is to purchase such a server from a professional web hosting provider.

When you are looking for such web hosting provider, there are several thing you should look at: the price is a very important factor, but not only. You should be able to choose at least between several dedicated plans, and have a choice of the environment and OS installed on the server. Of course, if this provider also covers the entire server maintenance for you, this would be great.

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Such provider is Resellers For your personal hosting needs they offer 3 different dedicated server hosting plans - Budget Dedicated hosting, Value Dedicated hosting and Premier Dedicated hosting. Each of them comes also with a choice of an OS - Debian, CentOS or Ubuntu. Even the cheapest server will provide you with more than enough resources and bandwidth to run any number of sites on it, and thanks to the powerful Intel processors and large amounts of RAM, your sites will run fast and smooth, with 99.9% network uptime.

Thanks to the offered by Resellers reseller hosting program, you can purchase any of the server plans at a discounted price. Not only that, but you also have the option to become a hosting reseller and offer hosting services to others. This includes the entire range of services - shared web hosting, semi-dedicated hosting or VPS (short for Virtual Private Server). You can re-sell each of them without having to purchase them first, which will help you make quite a decent additional income.

If you have the time and wish to try something more advanced, there is also the cPanel reseller hosting program. With it, you can turn the resources of your dedicated or VPS hosting server into separate hosting packages, which you then will be able to sell to your clients. This is another way to make money, although it requires some skills, since you will have to cover the support for your clients.

No matter what you will choose, you can find it at Resellers Go ahead and sign up.

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Having a web site today is mandatory when it comes to circulating opinions, advertising a new business or plainly staying up to date with the current vogues. As mails have substituted paper letters a long time ago and people search for pretty much everything on the Internet, it is a commendable idea to develop a web page where customers can find out about you or your business - this is a way to get closer to them, to show them what you think or what you provide.

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As the name suggests, the shared webspace hosting service is a form of service where many customers share the resources of the same web server. This implies that all web server constituents like CPU, hard disks, RAM, NICs and so on, are split among the customers whose accounts are on that very same web hosting server. This is mostly made accomplishable by creating separate accounts for the different users and appointing given limitations and quotas for each of them. Those limits are applied in order to hinder the users from meddling with each other's accounts and, of course, to prevent the hosting server from overburdening. Typically, shared hosting clients do not have complete root-level access to the server's configuration files, which essentially means that they cannot access anything else on the web hosting server apart from their very own hosting account. The web hosting features that each account may use are set by the web hosting firm that owns the web hosting server and by the given site hosting plan.

Dedicated Reseller

With the hosting reseller services accessible at Resellers Panel, you will discover the most advantageous, and the most cost-efficient way to become a dedicated reseller. You will not have to spend a cent up front, be a server management dab or have any innovative technical skills.